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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2008-05-07 13:10:32
Subject: Gas Rationing

    Last week the government began rationing diesel because of scarcity in the country. The Honduran economy uses the Lempira, but it is pegged to the dollar, which is falling in value. Therefore, Honduras cannot afford gasoline. Right now, you can buy no more than $10 of gas at a time and it is not often available (just like diesel).     Therefore we are more or less stranded. We have some fuel in our tanks (probably two trips to town), but we are saving for emergencies. I am taking our family to their their swim class and Faith's birthday today in the truck, hopefully a gas station has some fuel available; we don't know until we get there.     As stated in the journal about diesel, Honduras subsidizes gasoline because most people travel by taxi and bus. Taxi and bus drivers strike, park in the highway and shutdown the economy (travel) of Honduras when gas is too high. However, right now the Honduran Government does not have enough money to buy more fuel.
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