How do I transfer my domain to MPC?
You need to contact your registrar and tell them to change your nameservers to our server DNS. We can help with this, please contact us. With Verisign and most other registrars, you can simply login to their website and do this yourself.

None of the plans you offer will work for me. I need more space, features, etc. Can you help me?
Yes! Just contact us for more information.

Can I register a domain name with you?
No, we are not a registrar of domain names. You can register a domain with Network Solutions or with a discount registrar, such as You can then host the domain with us.

Can I run ASP scripts on my account?
No, ASP scripts must be run on Windows servers. However, you can run PHP scripts, a similar language that is equivalent, and some would argue superior to, ASP. You can find more information on PHP at

Do you support the Zend Optimizer?
Yes! The Zend Optimizer is installed on all of our servers.

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