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A Necessary Warning

If you think that by signing up here you will receive one way in bound links without linking to other sites, you are mistaken. Until you insert the code on your site that publishes links to other sites, not a single link will be published to your site. Furthermore, you will receive reminder emails several times weekly until you do post the code. There, you've been warned, read on.

How does this work?

MPC's Reciprocal Link Manager will promote your site to web surfers and search engines. You fill out the application. We approve your ad and send the code to you via email. You place the code on any number of pages of your web site. Every day that you show our partner links on your site, your link will be displayed on all partner sites that have done likewise. The list is sorted from top to bottom in order of times partner links are shown on a site. So if you have the link code on a commonly visited page of your site, you are more likely to be at the top of our list. Take a look at an example page. Keep in mind that you will be able to make the links fit into any page and make them look like an integral part of your site.

How will this help?

There is always the obvious. When a user sees a page of links, it is possible that he will click on your link and bring a potential customer to your site.

What is not still widely known is that search engines (ie Google) rank your site according to how many links point to your site from other sites as well as the quality of those sites. You will also be displaying unique content that the search engines will index and show as search results when someone is searching, increasing the chance that your site be found among billions of others!

Is it worth it?

It will probably take you under five minutes to fill in the application and another five to insert the code into your web site. For ten minutes, you've leveraged hundreds of sites. How many new customers would it take to merit ten minutes of your time?

What if I don't want certain links?

That brings up another topic. Absolutely NO adult, dating, pharmacy or casino sites are allowed. All applications are manually inspected before approved. Beyond these, you will be able to remove links by logging in and editing the link list. Simply select the links from our list that you do not want displayed and they will not appear on your site.

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